Anuenue, at your Male'ana

A Rainbow at your Wedding. We are a cake boutique and bakery located in Maui, Hawaii. We offer high-end custom designs and high-quality cakes specially designed and tailored to each couple. We create each cake from scratch with the best ingredients available on the market, even if that means that we would have to fly them into Maui from the mainland. We do strive to use as many local ingredients as possible, not only to support our community but to use the freshest fruits or vegetables. 

We don't take more than a certain amount of orders per week to give our couples the attention they deserve. Since we are also hired to bake great pastry menus for our couples, we have to manage our time in more detail.  

We rather keep a small-scale production in order to give you the best on your special day. Since we are not a wholesale bakery, it gives us the chance to manage better the number of details, colors, sugar ornaments, and flavors that would make your cake the hit of your wedding. 

Since Maui's weather is variable but mostly warm we do not use any real flowers or plants, and in this way, you can trust that it will be safe to eat for everybody and when is set up in a fresh place it will continue to look beautiful for hours. 

If you would like to fill out a form to have a better idea of how much your dream cake will cost press the button below:

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Palekaiko (Paradise) Cake. Another unique design by executive pastry chef Val Castillo

Wedding Pastries

Thinking about buying a beautiful cake and include some other delicious pastries for your big day? We can bake any other dessert specially for your reception. There are plenty of options for you to choose from. 

We build the recipes specially for you based on your favorite flavors and combinations. Making sure your guests have enjoy a plethora of amazing sweetness is our job for you to relax and enjoy! Our patte-aux-shuttes are always a hit!

Send us an email through the form below or fill out the form by pressing on the bottom below. 

Let's make together an incredible day to remember!